About Take Back Your Health™ Conferences...

For ten years, our Take Back Your Health™ D.C. and L.A Conferences and our sold-out Take Back Your Health™ Retreats have drawn repeat attendees and have grown a like-minded community of thousands of health enthusiasts who are taking back their health. After 10 years and 16 successful conferences, we have taken our conference weekends to the virtual stage.

Our events will help you untangle the complicated web of healing in a toxic world, and will help you uncover the secrets to a lifestyle that will enable you to live your life free from the limitations of disease. Read as much as you can, attend our events, browse our shop for our recommended health-saving products, and use Take Back Your Health™ as a catalyst to discover the best healthy lifestyle for you.

Take Back Your Health™ was founded in 2010 by Robin Shirley. with the mission to share what she was learning about recovering from Autoimmune disease and Chronic Lyme disease.

Here at Take Back Your Health™, we value virtual learning because of how quickly we can spread information. However, we also realize the physical, emotional and mental health consequences of becoming increasingly dependent on electronic technology. Through our platform, we hope to raise awareness about many of the worldwide threats to health, and encourage a lifestyle that will foster a return to vibrant and complete health. We believe in getting closer to nature, living more simple lives, supporting small businesses, sourcing our food locally, and caring for our neighbors. In addition, we as a company are working to avoid supporting global corporations whose practices or standards work against our health and wellness values.

We can’t wait to see you at one of our online events!

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